Camper Trailer Canvas

There is an Austral Camper Trailer Canvas to suit everyone’s needs. Whether it is for your off-road or on-road trailer, there is a style and size that will meet your requirements. You now have the choice of the standard side camper where the canvas unfolds over the side of the trailer, or having the canvas unfold over the rear of the trailer. Our campers tops are simple to erect and due to our manufacturing process and the quality of the products we use, we are confident in offering a 3 year guarantee which includes leaking, one of the main concerns to many campers.


With 3 different sizes of living area starting from 9’6″ then 12′ and 14″, the Austral Camper Canvas range is designed to please. There are many optional extras available including zip on awning, annexe walls and windbreaks. We build our canvas tops to suit your own trailer and your personal needs.  Customised work is our specialty. Look through the photo gallery to get more ideas of what you can have.


Some of the many options available include:

  • Blank End Windbreak – zip on
  • ‘L’ Shaped Windbreak – zip on
  • Complete set Canvas walls to enclose Awning including

1 Door, 2 Inside Control Windows and Draught Curtain

(extra doors and windows available)

  • Shade cloth Walls including door.
  • Draught Curtain  – Deluxe with zip access
  • Annexe Matting             

Rear Camper

We have brought back an old favourite,

Many years ago, camper trailers opened up over the rear of the trailer and we have brought back this once popular alternative.  

One of the main advantages of this style of camper is that you don’t have to climb over the other person to get out of bed.  Many people have a tradition trailer at home so why not turn that old faithful trailer into your new camper trailer. The drop down tailgate doubles as a very large and stable step.

Side Camper

The traditional side opening camper trailer is still the ideal set up for many people. It gives more functional area inside and definitely the favourite for families.

Covers for Camper Trailers

If your old camper trailer cover is showing signs of fatigue, we can make a new cover to suit your camper. Using a heavy duty UV Stabilised PVC our covers can be made to zip on/off or use shock cord to secure. A good cover ensures that your canvas is protected from the elements while traveling as well as when stored at home.