At Austral Canvas we also able to provide a complete range of parts and hardware for all products we manufacture. Whether you need a spare component for your annexe or require some canvas, our range of stock and DIY supplies allows you to choose from an impressive selection of high-quality items.

Our range of DIY supplies consists of over 2000 different items, including the following:

Price: From 70c up to $1.00 each

spur tooth washers are available in 304 stainless steel, brass or black.
Teeth washers offer a firmer, tighter grasp, providing stronger grip 
in woven materials. Sheet metal grommets and washers are widely used in
awnings, bags, banners, car mats, curtains, fashion, flags, netting,
pool covers, sails, signs, tarpaulins, tents, etc. They are the most 
economical way to reinforce holes in different materials to prevent tearing.

Polyester UV Stabilised

Width & Price: 20mm - $5.90/m

Colour: Black or White

Budget Webbing – Polyropylene 605                                
Width & Price:                                                    
20mm - $1.80/m
25mm - $2.00/m
38mm - $2.30/m
50mm - $2.50/m

Colour: Black or White

Cotton Herringbone 5351

Width & Price: 
25mm - $1.50/m
32mm - $1.95/m

Colour: Assorted Colours

Seatbelt webbing 105

Width & Price:
50mm - $3.50

Colour: Black


#8 Coil Zip - $4.95/m

#10 Coil Zip - $5.95/m

Coil Zippers use the toothed elements of helical coils of polyester
as the fastening system.

The opposing elements of the exposed coil interlock with each other to form the closure. The coils can be
formed and woven directly into the supporting tapes or preformed and sewn onto specially pre-manufactured
tapes in a separate operation.


Breeching Stables
Price: #3.50each

Used for anchoring straps, webbing or woven fibre.

Material: Stainless Steal
Bunji Knobs
Price: 70c

Internal fixing hole suits Size 5 rivets

Size: Small (Suits 6mm Shockcord)
Width & Price:
25mm - $2.95
50mm - $3.95

Material: Steel Nickel plated or stainless steal
Durable Nickle Plated Brass
Price: $1.20/set of 4


The simple fastener solution, with an easy "snap on, pull off" action,
the press stud (or durable) fastener has a heavy duty spring to
limit the risk of unwanted detachment and is available with a
complete range of terminations for all applications.

Commonly found on boat covers and canopies, car hoods, awnings,
protective clothing and numerous other places
Ford Shock Cord Loop
Price: $4.50 each

Size: 160mm, 184mm & 254mm

Colour: Black
Size & Price:
4mm - $6.50/m
7.5mm - $8.50/m

Keder is a heavy duty coated polyester fabric welded to a cord of solid
PVC material, resulting in a very strong, flexible and slippery track
welting that slides easily and effortlessly.

Keder is in use around the world by makers of tent, fabric structure,
truck side signs, industrial curtains, banners, awnings, pool covers,
and various marine products.

Size: Double Flap 7.5mm (to suit 6mm rope track)

Colour: Black or White
Paskal Bunji Loop
Price: $3.50 each

Size: 130mm, 150mm, 170mm, 190mm & 210mm

Colour: Black
Rope Hook
Price: $1.50 each

Material: Plastic

Size: Suits up to 8mm rope/shock cord

Colour: Black
Sail Track
Single Mill - $7.70/m
Single White - $8.80/m
Double Mill - $10.00/m
Double White - $12.00/m
Double Black - $12.00/m

Material: Aluminium

Size: Single 6.5mt, Double 6.0mt

Colour: Single Mill or white, Double: Mill, White or Black.
Sew on Hook or Loop
Size & Price (per metre each side):
16mm - $1.50/m
20mm - $1.80/m
25mm - $2.00/m
50mm - $2.50/m

This Nylon fastener is a two-part system; one part consisting of 
rows of hooks and the other part of a mass of loops. When pressed together,
they form a highly secure closure, yet can be easily re-opened with a simpl
peeling action. Available in sew on and pressure sensitive adhesive backed
forms. SPECIFICATIONS: Excellent properties for thermo-resistance,
chemical resistance and electrical insulation. Heat resistance:
Becoming soft at 180ºC and melted at 215ºC. Cold Resistance: Usable to -30ºC,
the lower the temperature, the stronger the tensile force.

Colour: Black or White
Shock Cord (not including clips)
Size & Price: 
3mm - $1.50/m
4mm - $2.00/m
6mm - $2.50/m
8mm - $3.50/m

Colour: black 
Price: $2.50 each

All stayfasteners are available in white and come with a 
metal flipper. Choose from a Single or Double Toggle 
with a horizontal or Vertical facing flipper. The Canvas 
to Canvas Toggles come with nuts. 
Suits SP4 size Eyelets.

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